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Micro Finance Scheme


Prof. Qoumrul  Hoque Memorial Endowment

  1. ERDF has set up the Professor Qoumrul Hoque Memorial Endowment in fond memory of late Prof Qoumrul Hoque, the elder brother of Mahbubul Hoque, who was a pioneer in establishing many educational institutions in Karimganj district of Barak Valley. But Prof Qoumrul Hoque passed away at a very young age leaving the mantle to his younger brother Mahbubul Hoque, Chairman, ERD Foundation.
  2. Objective: The endowment fund will be utilised for the following purposes:
    • Implementation of micro finance scheme to finance small and medium business initiative of needy and economically weaker section of Minority Welfare Society, a Society of Minority Community of Barak Valley of Assam, now settled in Guwahati and registered under Societies Registration Act.
    • Support, out of surplus generated from the endowment, the initiatives of the enterprising but needy members of Minority Welfare Society in acquiring intellectual property.
  3. Initial Fund: The Prof Qoumrul Hoque Memorial Endowment has been set up with initial fund of Rs. 100000.00 (One lakh). Based on the efficient management of the endowment and benefit derived by the target group, the ERD Foundation will contribute additional fund to the endowment from time to time.
  4. Administration: The Prof Qoumrul Hoque Memorial Endowment will be administered by the Minority Welfare Society, Guwahati. The Minority Welfare Society has already launched a micro finance scheme and under the scheme has financed 10 members of the Society for carrying on small businesses in Guwahati.