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Welfare Activities



Even before the inception of ERD Foundation, Central IT College has been providing scholarships to meritorious students of the College. After ERDF came into the picture the trust has been providing  scholarships and financial assistance to meritorious and poor students in institutes under it. Merit  cum Award Tests are held every  year by the Foundation and the students who do well are awarded scholarships.

ERDF also extends merit cum means  scholarship for brilliant students pursuing higher education elsewhere  in India. The grants range from token cash award, provision for text books, hostel facilities etc.

Sponsorship  for  Poor  Students:

In the year 2007, ERD Foundation introduced a new scheme for students from very poor (BPL) families. According to the scheme the Foundation sponsors the complete education of meritorious students from a poor background in all its institutes. 2007 saw 9 students in CITC and 4 students in RCHE enjoying this facility. 12 more students from BPL families have been sponsored by  ERDF  in  CITC  and  RCHE and in Central Public School. 30 students have  been given admission absolutely free of cost and 80 students have been admitted to the School at concessional rates in 2008. Moreover a number of students from poor families are given admission in the institutes of ERD Foundation with concession in the tuition fee as well as admission fees. 

Interest Free Loan:

ERD Foundation believes  in providing  better working environment to its employees. To facilitate the same and boost the morale of its employees, the Foundation provides interest free loan for the purpose of marriage, purchase of car/ two wheeler, house hold items etc.

Micro Finance:

ERDF also takes interest in entrepreneurial development of the unemployed youth by way of conducting training & development programmes, helping the deserving candidates with financial and material help such as preparation of a viable project, and arrangement of interest free venture capital. The Foundation has already helped a number of people with amounts ranging from Rs. 10, 000  to  Rs. 20,000.

Medical Assistance : 

ERDF provides  free medical assistance for  treatment and operations  of  the poor. Till  now  eight gravely  ill patients have been provided  this facility and two of them are fully cured.

Community Leadership Award:

There are a few dedicated persons belonging to minority community who are going beyond their call of duty have worked tirelessly to uplift the community and excelled in their professional fields and hence have emerged as role models for others of the community. ERDF is confident that if they are given appreciation and recognition for their good work in a public forum, it would not only encourage them to work with greater dedication in future but also motivate others to come forward in larger number and follow their footsteps for the betterment of the community. Therefore it has been proposed to honour such persons with Community Leadership Awards. This Community Leadership Award (CLA) instituted by ERD Foundation in the year 2013 aims at giving recognition to the pioneering works done by members of the Muslim Minority Community in different walks of life and contributing greatly to the development of the society.

Award of Excellence:

Every year the Foundation confers an Award of Excellence to a person who has shown excellence in his /her field of work and/or contributed to societal causes on the occasion of -TECHNO QUEST- the annual event of Central IT College. This award was conferred first in 2005 and has continued till date:

  • 2005: The award was conferred on Dr. Dhrubajyoti Bora, Joint Director, Medical Education Assam, who has dedicated his life in service to the society and has become a living example for all.
  • 2006: The award was conferred on students who had attained positions in HSLC, HMLC, HSSLC (Science, Arts and Commerce) Examinations.
  • 2007: Award of Excellence  2007 was conferred on Dr. Satyendra Kumar Choudhury, Lecturer, Deptt. of Chemistry, Cotton College. A doctor of philosophy from University of Delhi in 1985, Dr. Satyendra Kumar Choudhury is presently Senior Lecturer in Deptt. of Chemistry Cotton College and is heading the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Cotton College. His contribution to  the field of  Education and Entrepreneurship Development  is immense.
  • 2008: Award of Excellence  2008 was conferred on Dr. Akashitora, noted  film actor and media personality Dr. Akashitora is a multifaceted  personality  who has   achieved expertise in the field of art and culture. Winner of several National and State level awards in acting Dr. Akashitora has also worked in the field  of academics.  
  • 2009: Award of Excellence  2009 was conferred to Mr. Gamliel Sherio, Mr. Mrinal Talukdar, Dr. Noni Gopal Mahanta, Mr. Wasbir Hussain & Dr. Hitesh Deka.
  • 2010 : Award of Excellence  2010 was conferred to Dr. Dinesh Baishya, Mr. P. J. Barua, Dr. A. C. Kataki, Mr. Inam Uddin Ahmed, Dr. Sangita Datta, Dr. M. L. A. Rahman, Dr. A. N. S. Ahmed & Mr. Naba Thakuria.

Awareness Campaigns

ERD Foundation and the institutions under its banner in association with various  agencies like GNRC, NHRM, NACO, GPC, Dr B Barooah Cancer Institute, Assam Science Society etc, annually conducts social campaigns on :

  • World Peace Day : World Peace Day is commemorated every year by students of the institutes under the trust on 21st of September with a Rally in the city.
  • Rose Day in  aid of Cancer Patients: On Rose Day students travel to B. Barooah Cancer Institute (BBCI) to meet the patients and carry  gifts for them. 
  • Abolition of Child Labour: The trust has also taken up cudgels against the evil of child labour and every year organises an event (photo exhibition/talk/seminar) to spread awareness on the issue.  
  • Health Awareness :  ERDF periodically organises  seminars/ workshops to create awareness among the students.     
  • Solid Waste Management & Environment Protection: The trust also takes interest in environmental issues and organises events to spread awareness on the issue. It has already organised a seminar on Solid waste Management in 2006 and photo-exhibition and performance of street plays by students of Central IT College  in 2007.
  • AIDS awareness: Every year on the 1st of December (World AIDS Day) the institutes under the trust organise a foot rally. Moreover students perform street plays in different areas of Guwahati to spread awareness on the issue. 
  • Prarthana Sabha: ERD Foundation, had also organised a “PRARTHANA SABHA”(All Religion) at GANESH UDYAN, Dispur at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, 5th of November, 2008 for eternal peace of the departed souls and  speedy  safe  recovery for the  innocent victims of the Serial Blasts that shook Assam on  30th October, 2008.
  • Relief Drive in Udalguri and Darrang: The Foundation and both its colleges had carried out a Relief Drive in the affected areas of Darrang and Udalguri on the 9th of November 2008. Students from both colleges had organised this drive in Kharupetia Higher Secondary School and Kharupetia Camp-C in Darrang and Kaziamati Camp in Udalguri. They distributed blankets, sweaters, clothes for the aged and baby food,  health food and dresses & uniforms for the children.
  • Talk on  Safeguard for Journalists : The Deptt. Of Journalism and Mas Comm. of Central IT College had organised a talk on “Safeguard for Journalists”  on 27th November, 2008 in Guwahati Press Club. The event was addressed to the issues arising out of the brutal murder of Jagajit Saikia of Kokrajhar and K Rishikanta Singh of Imphal Free Press.  

Talks, rallies, street plays, photo exhibitions, trade fair booths etc are the media used by the Foundation to spread awareness on issues mentioned above. Students from the institutes under the Foundation take active part in these social campaigns thus, instilling a strong sense of social responsibility has always been a part of  the education the trust provides for its students. The trust not only shows its students the way to be successful professionals but also responsible citizens of the country.

Environmental Survey:

  • Presently, ERDF is actively conducting research on various socio-economic and environmental issues. It also actively participates in collaborative programmes with other developmental agencies and offices. In mid 2007, a 45 days project was conducted in collaboration with Guwahati Press Club to study causes and effects of the following problems
    • Garbage Disposal System in Guwahati
    • Drainage System in Guwahati
    • Drinking Water Crisis in Guwahati
    • Vanishing Wetlands of Greater Guwahati
    • Devastation of Hills in Guwahati

Students from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Central IT College had also taken part in the above mentioned projects as a part of their field study.