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State of the art Student Amenity Centre inaugurated by Shri JP Rajkhowa, Hon'ble Governor of Arunachal Pradesh

“Gandhian philosophy is relevant for all times,” said Arunachal Pradesh Governor Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa while inaugurating the ‘International Centre for Gandhian Studies’ (ICGS) of the University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya (USTM) on July 9, 2015.
To spread the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi on peace and brotherhood among the youth of the northeastern region, USTM has taken up an initiative to establish the ICGS.
In his speech, Shri Rajkhowa said, “The initiative of the university authorities to set up such a centre is really unique and praiseworthy. I am not sure whether any such institutions are presently functioning in other parts of the country.”
He said that Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts are always relevant- be it in the past, the present and the future.
In his address, Dr Jayanta Madhav, former advisor, Government of Assam, said, “Within a very short span of time, USTM has made tremendous progress. The International Centre for Gandhian Studies (ICGS) has added another feather to USTM’s cap.”
Anuradha Dutta, in her speech, said that a void had been filled in the region by setting up such a centre.
Explaining the purpose of the centre, Dr Alaka Desai Sarma said that the centre would provide a six-month course on Gandhian studies, working with jail inmates, helping them reduce stress and tension in a natural way. The centre hopes to groom the students to work towards inclusive co-existence and conflict management. Dr Sarma further added that in the core group, there would be scholars from different countries, from the northeastern region and other parts of India.
The ICGS has been established at USTM with the purpose of conducting research activities and nurturing the basic philosophy of the ‘Father of the Nation’. The lessons given by Gandhi can be applied to present day regional, national and international contexts.
The centre will also help spread the vision, philosophy and teachings from the life of Gandhi through various social, educational and cultural programmes, emphasizing upon the contemporary relevance of his thoughts and method of action based upon the principles of courage, non-violence and truth.
Following the event, the Governor also inaugurated the ‘Amenity Centre’ which was built to fulfil the purpose of serving the students in a place where they can avail food, beverages, stationary and spend leisure time for which they need not to go outside the campus. The amenity centre built in approximately 10 thousand square feet of area.
The Arunachal Governor became amazed to see the size, other facilities and infrastructure of the Amenity Centre. He said that no university in the northeastern region had such a state of the art amenity centre. USTM chancellor Shri Hoque said that the Amenity Centre would not only provide recreational facilities to students but also employment to around 300 people. “The Amenity Centre has become an ideal model of entrepreneurship,” he added.
The Arunachal Governor also appreciated the efforts of ERDF for establishing an institution of higher learning with modern infrastructure in the hills of Meghalaya for the benefit of the students of the northeastern region, within such a short span of time. Chancellor Shri Hoque, eminent dignitaries of the region, faculty members, students and other higher officials of USTM were present during the occasion.



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