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USTM Facilitated Solar Eclipse Observation for Children

A Child Watching Solar Eclipse through the high end telescope of USTM in Guwahati on 26 December 2019

GUWAHATI, 26th December 2019: The Astro-Science Centre and Observatory of the University of Science & Technology Meghalaya (USTM) has organized observation of the most spectacular event of the year, the Annular Solar Eclipse in the campus of ERD Foundation in the Bhetapara area of the city. The event that occurred today morning was captured very closely and safely through high-end telescope of USTM and was participated by children, college students as well as common people.

Dr Nitu Borgohain, Assistant Prof of Physics, USTM guided the sky viewers during the entire observation session along with his senior students. “A partial eclipse with 38% of obscuration of the Sun was visible from Guwahati city when the Moon covered the Sun partially during the morning time from 8:39 am to 11:36 am”, said Dr Borgohain.

Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor of USTM was also present during the solar eclipse observation. Addressing the media persons he said, “Being a science and technology university, it is our duty to take active steps for the promotion of science among the children and youth of the region. I am happy that the Physics department has come up with this new idea of facilitating such sky observation for the children”.

“I was greatly excited to watch this rare celestial event. I thank USTM for organizing the same for the benefit and creation of scientific awareness among children like us,” said Urshita Das, a class VIII student who participated in the event of solar eclipse observation.

“I appreciate and congratulate the efforts on the part of the USTM Physics team in imparting knowledge on such events to the youngsters. This will definitely put a positive and everlasting impact on their minds. I urge upon the management and the scientific team of USTM to come up with more of such events in the near future”, said Dr MMR Kazi who came with his two children to watch the event at ERDF.

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