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Director, IIT Guwahati visited USTM


Prof. (Dr) Gautam Biswas, Director, IIT- Guwahati have visited the University campus on 2nd August, 2014. During an interaction with the students, Prof Biswas said “all over the world higher education is rapidly changing; I want the students to see the societal needs as they will work for the society one day. We today need to brainstorm the strategies of learning of higher education at University level. Humanities and interdisciplinary subjects like biodiversity, zoology, anthropology, pharmacology, unique hydrology etc should be introduced as subjects for societal information in higher education”. Instead of becoming greedy as jobseekers, students must act as an innovator, social scientist and entrepreneur. They must be more focused on innovation and research rather than concentrating on their own career so that they can ultimately contribute for the cause of the nation to make India one of the leading developed countries. He made a presentation titled “Changes in Higher Education: An Introduction of Research to Meet up Societal Need”.

After the interaction Prof Biswas visited different departments and academic Blocks of the University and also interacted with the faculty members. He took keen interest in the activities and research initiatives undertaken by the department of Biological Sciences. He was happy to see the Library facilities and other infrastructure that is presently being developed in this nascent University.



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