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 USTM to take lead in shaping SEANBBN-INE University Council

Conceptualizing international gateway towards knowledge world: Making long standing dream a reality

SEANBBN-INE stands for South East Asain Nations; Bangladesh Bhutanand Nepal-India North East.
The SEANBBN-INE University Council, a visionary initiative is going to be launched soon taking 800+ universities of South East Asian Countries, i.e Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Phillipines, Laos, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore; including, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal as members; and bringing them together in a single platform for joint research, exchange and collaborative work; which will lead to the growth of each country, and also make entry to knowledge world.
The Act East Policy is one of the driving force for the universities of North East of India to take leadership in connecting all universities of these countires.
To give shape to the concept of SEANBBN-INE, a brainstorming session will be organised at University of Science and Technology Meghalaya at the earliest where representatives of universities of these countries and their Ambassadors/High Commissions will be invited to join. The universities of North East region will take the lead in hosting such a historical occasion; a first of its kind that will be organizd in this part of North East India.
Shri Mahbubul Hoque, Chancellor, USTM, conceptualized this University Council after discussing with emiment academicians from various countires, specially from North East India.
Let us all join in this mission and make the region a gateway of knowledge towards global arena.
Your valuable advice and suggestions will be highly solicited.
Please connect Chancellor, USTM at  

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