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From The Desk of Principal Advisor, ERDF


Education is the key to all-round development of a country. In the case of economic development, the contribution of human resource development is as high as 64 per cent, as found by World Bank. Higher education plays a crucial part in developing human resources for economic development. According to World Bank, for economic development of a country enrolment in higher education should be at least 20 per cent of the youth of the appropriate age group. In countries like USA and Australia the enrolment in higher education is about 80 per cent, whereas in India it is still less than 15 per cent, and in the northeastern region of the country it is much less. It should not be less than 50 per cent in our country, and our region must not lag behind. This goal together with that of quality education can be achieved only by synergetic efforts of public-private partnership.

In the northeastern region of the country, the enrolment ratio in science and technology higher education is far behind the rest of the country. It is, therefore, heartening to note that in recent years there have been vigorous efforts not only by the state governments but also by a number of philanthropic organizations to bridge the gap. One of such leading organisations is the ERD Foundation, Guwahati.

The ERD Foundation has established within a short span of time three institutions of higher education in science and technology. These are-

  1. Central IT College
  2. Regional College of Higher Education
  3. Regional Institute of Science & Technology

All the three institutions have top class facilities for pursuit of excellence in the various fields of study offered by them. These institutions are in a position to produce scientists and professionals of high calibre comparable to the best anywhere else.

I call upon the youth of the Northeast to come forward to avail of these facilities, and I assure their parents and guardians that they need not send their children and wards to outside the region for study programmes available here.

Prof. N. K. Chaudhury
B.Sc.(Engg.), (BHU)
M.Sc. Tech, Ph.D (Manchester)
Former Vice-Chancellor
Gauhati University