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MoU & Collaboration


CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New Delhi

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on 3rd May, 2012 with CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New Delhi.

CSIR-CRRI, a premier national laboratory established in 1952, a constituent of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has expertise and capabilities for conducting research & development activities and carrying out consultancy assignments including dissemination of knowledge through training etc. in the areas of roads & bridges, traffic and transportation, ground improvement and geotechnical engineering, rural roads, pavement design, pavement performance and its evaluation, instrumentation, environment and road safety.

Purpose & Objectives:

The purpose of this MoU is to create a framework for collaboration between CSIR-CRRI and ERDF group of Institutions with the objectives as given below:

a) To establish close linkage and functional coordination between CSIR-CRRI and ERDF along with the ERDF established Institutions eg. University of Science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM), Regional Institute of Science and Technology (RIST) and Regional College of Higher Education.
b) To recognize CSIR-CRRI as an accredited research centre for research and study directed by ERDF established Institutions and vice versa.
c) To consider the qualified scientists, scholars and professional of CSIR-CRRI as an accredited faculty/guide for different research, teaching programmes of ERDF established Institutions and vice versa.
d) To facilitate joint seeking of funds and conduct of research, submission of project for research and development, training and consultancy with university /institutions in India and abroad.
e) CSIR-CRRI and ERDF shall support each other towards the advancement of knowledge of the employees, faculty, scholars and students of both the organizations.
f) ERDF will provide all facilities to the employees (Scientifc and Technical staff) and scholars (Research Fellows and Project Assistants) of CSIR CRRI to enroll for M.Tech and Ph.D. programme at the University of Science and Technology (USTM) established by ERDF under joint supervision.
g) CSIR-CRRI shall provide necessary facility to the students and faculty of University of Science and Technology (USTM) to conduct research required for partial fulfillment of requirements leading to the award of M. Tech and Ph.D. degree by USTM.
h) CSIR-CRRI shall extend facilities to a limited number of M.Sc/B.Tech students of ERDF Institutions for short duration summer/winter training courses at CSIR-CRRI under the relevant CSIR guidelines.