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MoU & Collaboration


Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on 15th day of March 2015 with Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS).

BUHS and ERD Foundation/USTM agree to cooperate in the development and promotion of academic and research excellence in their two institutions based upon the principle of mutual benefit and respect for each other’s independence.

The two institutions will encourage direct cooperation among their students, faculty and administrators.

Within fields that are mutually acceptable and in accordance with the rules and regulations governing each Institute, the following general forms of cooperation will be pursued:

• Visits by and exchange of students, faculty and administrators for study and research in accordance with regulations of both governments and universities;

• Visits and interchange of Faculty/Scholars/Students for training, research, teaching and discussions;

• Exchange of information including, but not limited to, exchange of library materials and research publications; and

• to Jointly organise seminars, public lectures & workshops

• Joint research activities