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MoU & Collaboration


Aaranyak - A Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on 12th day of March 2015 with Aaranyak - A Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

The Aaranyak, a premier applied research &conservation organization situated in Guwahati, Assam, is a closely knit team of environmental scientists, researchers, community workers, environmental educators and enviro-legal specialist having expertise and capabilities for conducting research &conservation activities and carrying out consultancy assignments including dissemination of knowledge through training etc. in the areas of Wildlife and its habitats, Biodiversity, Climate change, Laws related to environment, forests and wildlife, Wildlife Genetics, Geo-spatial technology and livelihood.

Purpose & Objectives:

The purpose of this MoU is to create a framework for collaboration between USTM and AARANYAK with the objectives as given below:

a) To establish close linkage and functional coordination between USTM and AARANYAK.

b) To recognize AARANYAK as an accredited research centre for research and study directed by USTM and vice versa.

c) To consider the qualified scientists, scholars and management professionals of AARANYAK as an accredited faculty/guide for different research, teaching or management programmes of USTM subjected to their meeting the basic criteria.

d) To facilitate joint seeking of funds, submission of project proposals for research and development, training, consultancy and project management with funding agencies in India and abroad.

e) USTM and AARANYAK shall meet the expenses for the respective purposes and activities under this MoU form their own resources.

The MoU will be governed by the following conditions:

1. USTM and AARANYAK shall support each other towards the advancement of knowledge of the employees, faculty, scholars and students of both the organizations.

2. USTM will provide all facilities to the employees (Scientific and Technical staff) and scholars (Research Fellows and Project Assistants) of AARANYAK to enroll for Ph.D. programme at the USTM under joint supervision as per university admission procedure. The course work/experiments required for the award of these degrees by USTM shall be taken up /conducted at AARANYAK and necessary tests to qualify for registration/award of degree shall be conducted by USTM. The topics for Ph.D. work shall be from the ongoing research programmes at AARANYAK within the academic structure of USTM.

3. AARANYAK shall provide necessary facility to the students and faculty of University of Science and Technology (USTM) to conduct research required for partial fulfillment of requirements leading to the award of Ph.D. degree by USTM. Number of candidates to be taken up under each of the degrees at a time shall depend upon the availability of supervising scientists and laboratory space. Secretary General and CEO, AARANYAK shall be the ultimate authority to decide such number.

4. AARANYAK shall, subject to availability extend facilities to a limited number of M.Sc students of USTM for short duration summer/winter training courses at AARANYAK under the relevant guidelines. Secretary General and CEO, AARANYAK shall be the ultimate authority to decide the topics and number of participants.

5. USTM shall provide scope to interested scientists of AARANYAK, to teach certain portions of UG and PG courses at its campus. Necessary honorarium to the Scientists shall be paid by USTM as per their policy guidelines to the scientists of AARANYAK.
6. On mutual agreement, specialized and short duration refresher courses, training programmes and project management courses on topics of interest to the Government/Industry/Academia can be jointly offered at USTM or AARANYAK

7. USTM and AARANYAK will encourage and provide facilities to the faculty members of USTM and scientists of AARANYAK to explore and prepare joint research proposals on some thrust areas for funding by government agencies. The technical activities and grant sharing between two parties shall be defined and mutually agreed while submitting such proposals.

8. Any intellectual property arising out of the joint intellectual input under a collaborative R&D project will be held jointly, filling and maintenance cost of which shall also shared equally. The responsibility of filing and maintaining the intellectual property shall be of Aaranyak. However, in the event of licensing of the IP for commercialization by USTM or AARANYAK to any Party, the money accrued and likely to be accrued will be shared between USTM and AARANYAK at a proportion to be mutually decided form case to case basis after deducting the cost of patenting borne by Aaranyak on behalf of USTM. In case, USTM does not want to be a party to the intellectual property, Secretary General and CEO, AARANYAK shall take an appropriate decision regarding its filling and utilization.

9. USTM shall not file any application for seeking intellectual property rights in its own name or in the name of its associates or any other person on any matter relating to the information gathered/disclosed to it by AARANYAK and vice versa.

10. USTM and AARANYAK shall consult each other for any publication in respect of any project/course work. These publications shall be in the names of research workers as per intellectual contribution and as per the publication guidelines of the respective guidelines, wherein it will be duly acknowledged that the work has been carried out at USTM or AARANYAK under the sponsorship of the sponsor.