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The FAKHRUDDIN ALI AHMED CENTRE FOR COACHING AND GUIDANCE (FACC) will implement a scheme for Civil Services Examination Coaching titled “HOQUE 20”. The scheme is conceptualised by Mr. Mahbubul Hoque, Chairman, ERD Foundation, and Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya. Under the scheme 20 brilliant undergraduate students in their first year, mainly from disadvantaged rural families from North East will be nurtured, motivated, inspired and guided by Mr.Hoque all through their undergraduate studies so that at the end of their undergraduate course, they can compete successfully in All India Civil Services Examination and realise their dreams. Mr. Mahbubul Hoque, himself coming from a remote village in Karimganj district in southern part of Assam, against all adversity, went to Aligarh Muslim University, where he took his first class MCA degree. Then he came back to Assam in 2002 to set up his first educational venture-the Central IT College,Dispur with only four students. He went on to break all barriers to set up eight educational Institutions including an engineering college and a technology university in course of ten years, thus revolutionising the professional educational scenario in the North East. Now Mr. Hoque wants to help the brilliant but disadvantaged students from the region to break the vicious circle of adversity and realise their dreams. Under the able guidance of Mr.Hoque, already a large no. of students belonging to disadvantaged families is undergoing different courses at different Institutions of ERDF Group free of cost. Now he wants that brilliant students from disadvantaged families also taste the success in their career and break the barrier. Hence this scheme-“HOQUE 20”. Mr Hoque has the vision of convulsing the North Eastern Region of India with successful IAS aspirants.

The vast potentials of North East Region of India remains unexplored till date leading to underdevelopment of the region mainly because of absence of talents from this region in the decision making process at the various levels of Central and State Governments of North East. With the success of “HOQUE 20” NE Region will overcome this deficiency and necessary developmental activities will take place with right spirit.