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Career Guidance


Considering the vast number of students, who are studying in various schools and colleges under the wings of ERDF, it has become essential that their career be guided in such a way that they fulfill and realize their dreams of life. Career Guidance Cell has been started in order to have a clear concept and goal with which this foundation is going to lead in achieving career dream of all the students.


Everyone needs guidance……..especially when it comes to their life direction and career path. The secret of having a enjoyable life is focusing on things one want to do and is good at doing it. The ultimate is to tap the unrestricted right career opportunity through which a sense of contentment could be reached and goals and mission of life are achieved.

Clear direction coupled with ambitions is designed to empower one with the knowledge and tool to identify a meaningful and successful career. It could also align a person with their personal profile in such a way that one could avail the best fit career opportunity.

This is also a powerful tool to acquire essential skills and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and prepare to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace of 21st century.


Career guidance program assists individuals in taking a planned approach in self knowledge, educational and occupational approach and career planning. The main emphasis in career guidance is on the following aspects:

1. Self Awareness

2. Career Exploration

3. Educational and Training information

4. Job Search Skills

5. Employability skills



Counseling is a comprehensive development program designed to assist an individual in making and implementing informed educational and vocational choice. It helps students understand and realize the adversity of modern work place and prepare them to adjust according to the changing demands of the industry. This is achieved by planned sequence of activities and experience to achieve specific competency thereby bringing in managerial and qualitative leadership.

ERDF is extensively working in the above line and has been counseling all the students, be it external students or students within the institution towards achieving their goals of life


Through our expert counselors, the students are made aware of the choices available to them after they pass out their higher secondary examination in various areas irrespective of the line of education they have undertaken. The counselors also inform them of all the avenues open to them within the country and abroad.

These counseling sessions are conducted in various schools and colleges or could be availed by the students through our career guidance/information centre situated in various towns.

Our centres are also equipped with necessary infrastructure to assist the students in following:

1. Coaching

2. Help in process of admission

3. Skill development program

4. Misc. information's required by students

5. Information on Placement opportunities

6. Help in Promotional Avenues

All such centres are connected to our web portal and information could be provided to the students in no time.


It has been a constant endeavor of ERDF that all the students studying in our institutions are prepared for the employment market by plugging their skills gap in communication and image skills. We understand that with technical education, practical knowledge of the trade is essential and to make them job ready, following measures are taken during their educational curriculum:

1. On Job Training: The students are placed in real work environment to have the first hand knowledge of the corporate working and requirements. While working he learns the fundamentals of the trade he wants to get in.

2. Projects & Field Visit : The students are encouraged to undertake summer training, mini projects in the subject of their study during the vacations or in a phased manner during the academic sessions as required by the institute. Our students are regularly taken on industrial visit to reputed industries to understand the practicality of the corporate world.

3. Industry-Academia Collaboration: Various dignitaries in the field of related trade are visiting our institutions to interact with the students in order to keep them ready for the changes taking at the work place and in depth analysis of corporate functioning.

4. Expert Interaction: Renowned faculties are invited for seminars/ meeting and interaction with the students to share an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Through our faculties, individual planning and counseling is undertaken for advancement in students personal, educational and career goals.

5. Research & Development: To bring out the creativity, students are encouraged in research and development and related project activities throughout the academic period.

6. System support: Classroom presentation and activities coupled with group activities focuses on program development, implementation and management thereby connecting the guidance program in student's achievement.

7. Personal Development: Ample opportunities are provided through which core competency of a student is highlighted through social activities, Debate, Quiz, Cultural interaction, Group discussion and practical approach to the studies.


In our endeavor of making the students employable, year round training is undertaken for the students in form of FINISHING SCHOOL. The basic job here is to bring in an overall development in their personality and confidence level. The following components are included in the training

1. Self analysis and personal profiling

2. Personal Grooming

3. Introduction to Public Speaking and Presentation skills

4. Basic elocution and communication skill

5. Team building and group Development

6. Time Management

7. Decision Making

8. Interview and Group discussion skills

9. Values and Attitude development

10. Live projects in different areas

Audio/visual presentations are used extensively and personal attention is given to each student in order to make them job worthy. The program is covered by faculties both internal and external.

CGC works extensively towards the placement and a lot of our students have been placed in reputed industries like WIPRO, ICICI, TVS, Reliance, Gargya Motors, News Live, All India Radio, Doordarshan-Guwahati, IBM, Bajaj Alliance, Aircel, Samsung, HLL, State Bank of India, Accenture, British Council, Nokia, Guwahati Refinery, Star Cement to name a few. Besides many of our passed students are successful entrepreneurs and are managing their own business.

We have developed an extensive business collaborative through which campus recruitment takes place every year in our various institutions. We also take the help of agencies and consultants to get our students placed in the best possible position.

Extensive feedback is provided in resume building and cover letter writing along with mock interviews and group discussion techniques to come out successfully in any interview.

We believe that all our students are capable in handling any work and unlimited support is given to each and every student for placement.


Those students, who are desirous of further studies, necessary coaching classes are conducted for them in order to crack the competitive examination like GATE/GRE/GMAT/MAT/JMET/IELTS/SAT/TOFEL/NET and other Central & State Level Examination.

Separate coaching is also conducted for such students who aspire to appear in UPSC/SPSC and specifically Indian Engineering Services Examination and other entry level examination for Bank, Insurance and other sectors.

The students are counseled in respect of eligibility criteria and selection procedure for such examination.


It is our belief that all the students should have an opportunity to decide the right career opportunity of his life and considering the above; ERDF has undertaken the following measures through which information could be made available to the students at the earliest possible:

1. Career Guidance Centre

Career guidance centre are being opened in all major towns/district HQ of north eastern region.

These centers shall be equipped with all infrastructures to provide all career prospects and opportunities available to the students in various institutes all over the country and abroad instantly and shall be developed in such nature that it becomes one stop point for all the information related to studies, training and placement information.

All centres shall be connected to the web portal of ERDF and timely information shall be provided to keep them uptodate.

These centres shall be self sustained and shall be funded in form of entrepreneurial venture by the persons who are willing to open such centre.

2. Career Information Centre

The primary job of Career information centre would be to impart all the information which are required by the students/parents from time to time.

The information centre shall also be a media between the students and our institutions and any information required by the students shall be provided by them after routing the same through us.

Persons manning such centre shall be able to counsel the students in various respects of opportunities and they need not spend undue time to secure information from the different sources wasting their time. Being in constant touch with us, they would also be providing information related to new initiatives being taken by us from time to time.

These centres shall be self sustained and shall be funded in form of entrepreneurial venture by the persons who are willing to open such centre.

3. District Coordinator

The role of District Coordinator is of a bridge between the above centers, students, school/college and ERDF. They evaluate and coordinate the counseling requirements of the students and arrange the same for dissemination of the information. Should it be required, they also arrange to hold seminar, training, panel discussion and other related activities for the development of the students.

District coordinators shall be suitably compensated by ERDF.

4. Voluntary Coordinator

These coordinators work with the sole motto of advancement of the students in their career and normally would be teachers/lecturers of various colleges. According to the requirements various program like counseling, training and workshops could be held in their institutions for the welfare of the students. They also act as a channel between students/parents and the foundation. These coordinators are also in a position to provide information to the students.